Guest Guests on this show

Rod Webber

His name is Rod Webber. He’s not allowed in Canada because of gun charges, even though he’s never had a gun. But Canada is silly. He made about a dozen feature films, some of them with Greta Gerwig, who just got nominated for an Oscar. Then he made this other thing where he hung out with Jeb Bush for like 24 rallies, followed  40 Trump rallies, and then was at all these other rallies. Somewhere in the process in the making a movie about Vermin Supreme. 

Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme is running for president in 2020! He states he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. Previously in the past he has run on the platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research. A now famous staple of the American Political landscape, Vermin Supreme now has ingrained his character into the great American landscape.