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The Gregg Housh Show

First show is up! We're working towards a regular schedule over the next week. Our first normal week will start on the 16th.

The Gregg Housh Show

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Below is the stream schedule. Subject to change of course. Subscribe on Twitch to keep up with the latest updates and new live streams.

Mon / Wed / Fri / 7-9pm

Live for 2 hours, sometimes with a guest, talking about the day's news, current events, and social issues.

Weekends - Random

Random live events like protests, movie watch parties and other fun on the weekends.


Truth, Logic, Action, Power.

This is a show where I seek not only to inform, but to inspire you to action. We’re going to talk about Politics and Current Events, but we’re going to do it from an angle of activism, progressive values, civil liberties, and human rights. It’s my goal to enable an informed citizenry. And I'm going to do it by emphasizing critical thinking and actual science versus nonsensical quackery. But most important of all, I hope to inspire you, my listeners, to take action in your community.

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