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Episode #14 Micky Metts and Chris of Agaric Tech Coop

December 11, 2020

Episode #14 Micky Metts and Chris of Agaric Tech Coop

In this episode, we talked with Micky Metts and Chris of Agaric. We talked about Tech Coops, what they are, how to run them, and why people should have/run ones local to them.

A lot of great information about how to start a coop. We learn about the USFWC and what support they offer to worker-owned coops. And now I really want to transition my work into a coop with some friends.

Micky and Chris are awesome and were nice enough to provide us a write-up and all of the links we talked about in the episode, here it is:

Chris and Micky of Agaric - Interview on Tech Cooperatives and Networks

2020 has seen many companies and organizations, de-funded, de-platformed (kicked off of popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter), scared, broke and confused as to the future financial health of their goals. Many developers have lost projects because their client's income has been cut off. This is Capitalism.

There are tactical and logistical efforts we can use to create value within our communities, and we do that by cooperating, not competing.


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Guest: Micky Metts


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