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Episode #62 Skyler Williams

May 24, 2021

Episode #62 Skyler Williams

Tonight we have Skyler Willams joining us from the Six Nations of the Grand River, an area of southern Ontario, Canada. The Six Nations has the largest population of any First Nation in Canada with around 27,000 people living on-reserve or nearby.

Topics covered:

  • 1492 Land Back Lane occupation
  • Mackenzie Meadows housing development
  • RCMP coup in 1924 that installed their own "friendlier" government onto the reserve
  • The theft of First Nations land
  • Residential Schools and keeping their children out of them
  • Arrests of the occupying activists and their lawsuits
  • How people can help by donating money, goods, or even just visiting and showing solidarity
  • and a lot more!

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Guest: Skyler Williams


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