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Episode #8 Aubrey Cottle AKA Kirtaner

November 28, 2020

Episode #8 Aubrey Cottle AKA Kirtaner

In this episode we talk about the tough subject of Kirtaner's past and work on a proper apology for everyone. We get to some good places and I think the discussion about "getting shit done" is an important one.

The biggest thing we discuss here is the fact that the left needs to allow space for people to come back from doing bad things (up to a point) and start to work on projects against the people they once were. Without the ability for someone to leave a far-right or far-right enabling space and find somewhere to be that includes real human interaction and activism, they won't leave the far-right places they are. Humans are, for the most part, social creatures. If we create a world where they get two choices and one includes friends and the same level of activism/political involvement they are used to, and the other includes being ostracized for who you used to be, they are going to stick with option one.

That is my personal opinion on this. There are of course many people that deserve to be canceled, and we talk about that too.


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Guest: Kirtaner


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