We're working hard to get the show ready to go. One of the first pieces for me was rebuilding gregghoush.com on some newer technology. I wanted to go for speed and real optimizations. For that, I needed to use a static site generator (the JAMStack). After researching for a few days, I decided to use Eleventy. It's initial simplicity, while allowing me to get as complex as I wanted, was perfect.

These are the tools used to build the website you are currently viewing:

This website is my first project with the JAMStack, and I am happy with the look and the speed, but I am sure I have done things pretty clumsy in the code. Usually, this would mean I don't want to show the code to anyone, but this time, I will open up the GitHub repository to anyone who wants to learn some Eleventy skills from it.
There are a few people I want to thank for code and answers that I learned from:

If anyone wants to send in a pull request that cleans up the code or makes it faster, I would be happy to merge in better code.